Lorenzo suding


I was born in Germany in 1986. When my dad took on a job that made us change countries every five or so years, we first moved to Africa. So I learned to ride a bike in Bujumbura when I was three or four.


We moved to South America in 1993. I was seven for my first Bmx race in Quito. My dad and I got into mountain biking in 1996, so he bought us hard tails and we started riding in the Andes.

We didn’t have to go far to find good riding spots living in the capital 2’800 meters above sea level, located in the middle of the Andes. The nearest trail center was attached to the city and various mountain regions were accessible by car.

We went around Ecuador on weekends to cross country races, then discovered downhill racing and Bmx races again, more intensely. That was the start of my racing life. But it came to a pause going to China at thirteen.

Every summer we went back to Europe visiting relatives and my mom being from Sardinia started bringing us to stay on the island for some weeks on holiday. My dad and I brought our bikes along and we started exploring the amazing backcountry. I grew fond of the Island learning to speak some Italian and identifying with the culture.

That perhaps led me to live here later on and blend in my work as a coach and guide in Sardinia. In 1999 we moved to Beijing, China because my dad’s job. I wasn’t able to continue racing bikes so I took up other sports. After four years my parents sent me to a boarding school in the Swiss Alps to finish school and join a sports program.


Still having German citizenship and going well at some German, Swiss and Austrian races I became member of the German Junior National Team for the 2004 World Champs in Les Gets. The next year I raced my first Downhill World Cup in Pila. Although the race didn’t go too well, I got to appreciate Aosta Valley.

s soon as I passed the Swiss Matura in ’06, there were no doubts on where I wanted to go. So I moved to Italy to study at a design school in Turin to be near to the alps and joined an Italian Downhill team called the “Iron Horse Play Bikers”.

I wanted to focus more on racing so I quit school in ’08 and spent the race season based in Pila with my team. Making friends with the local bikers made me want to stick around in winter as well, so I rented a little flat in the ski resort and never looked back.

The next year I won the Italian downhill championship, which got me more support from sponsors, so I turned pro. In 2017, after more than twelve years of racing world cups and collecting seven national jerseys later, I chose to stop the clock and settle down.


International racing at the highest level taught me how to manage my own team, respect packed schedules and travel logistics. Quitting the race scene I stayed off airplanes and was really happy to keep traveling by land around Italy, organising bike camps. At home I also had a great job guiding for the company Aosta Valley Freeride, it kept me on two wheels even more than before and taught me a new occupation.

These two gigs in Italy also got me to meet more people and their cultures than I did before traveling internationally. My camps gave me the opportunity to discover Italy more in depth and work with incoming tourism. I started thinking differently and embracing new projects, like adventure bike tours.

national titles

2017 – Italian Enduro Champ – Tavernerio (CO)
2013 – Italian Overall Downhill Champ – Prali (TO)
2012 – Italian Overall Downhill Champ – Sestriere (TO)
2011 – Italian Overall Downhill Champ – Sestriere (TO)
2010 – Italian Overall Downhill Champ – Abetone (PT)
2009 – Italian Overall Downhill Champ – Collio (BS)
2008 – Italian Under 23 Downhill Champ – Pila (AO)

world cup highlights

2014 – 20¯ World Cup Downhill – Cairns
2013 – 16¯ World Cup Downhill – Leogang
2013 – 16¯ World Cup Downhill – Mont Ste Anne
2013 – 16¯ World Cup Downhill – Val di Sole
2012 – 17¯ World Cup Downhill – Val d’Isère
2012 – 19¯ World Cup Downhill – Leogang


Whether it’s showing you around on an amazing tour, teaching you the skills to step up your game, or organise a camp for you and your buddies. Just get in touch with me and we’ll sort it out!