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Learn the skills to express your riding style!

After a lifetime racing I had to learn the hard way to progress and put myself to the test. I learnt to break down the techniques that you need to ride fast and safe. I can teach you advanced skills, step by step with simple techniques, that you can apply to any trail!

Tech lessons

Mainly in the Bike Parks Pila or La Thuile I give half day and full day private or groups lessons. If you are a group of a minimum of 3 I can also organise weekend camps covering everything from basics to the advanced skills. Here are two examples of a full day Intermediate and Advanced private lessons:


If you learn the right basic skills, you can build your riding style safely and have a blast in the process! We’ll meet up in the Bike Park in the morning for a briefing on what the first steps and basic techniques are. After we check your bike setup we’ll go to a flat field and practice the main positions and how to brake, turn and pedal standing. Now we’re ready to start riding on a wide and easy track that is called the “flow trail”!

We’ll get comfortable picking up some speed and start getting into the flow of things! Sticking to green trails on the family side of the bike park and stopping to go over exercises on turns, steep ramps and whoops, until we go for a lunch break with family and friends at a bike park restaurant. We’ll continue until we’re confident enough to progress and take on the rest of the bikepark with the blue trails, with steeper sections and bigger whoops, berms and some roots. The lesson ends up in the bike park with the last call at 17:00.


We’ll meet in the Bike Park in the morning for a briefing on fundamentals and what your riding experience is. After we check your bike set up we’ll do a warm up run on an easy track so I can check your level of riding. At the bottom we’ll start our lesson on flat surface to do some groundwork, going over the main positions and basic techniques like turning and braking. After that we’ll apply these techniques back on the track focusing on different sections.

I’ll explain, demonstrate before you can practise the section a couple of times with me filming you so we can analyse together, and I can suggest corrections. We’ll move on to another section once we’re pleased with your technique. Back down at the lift station we’ll have a quick lunch break and continue our lesson in the afternoon integrating more advanced skills like absorbing impacts, how to approach technical sections, steep slopes, small drops and jumps. The goal is to teach you skills that build confidence to approach harder trails, safe and smooth.



After we meet for a quick briefing, I’ll assess your level of riding following you for a run in the bike park.At the bottom we’ll stop on a flat surface and do specific exercises so I can evaluate more in detail what you’re missing.

We’ll then start by checking positions and go over different techniques before going back on the same track.This time you will follow me to see how I apply the techniques I mentioned. After that second run we’ll go straight back up and focus on different sections, giving you pointers, putting emphasis on the skills you need to work on and repeating exercises analysing video footage.

Once at the bottom we’ll have a break and a quick lunch before we continue going into more advanced techniques and ride harder lines. At the end of the lesson I’ll give you a summary and some pointers to continue working on your own.

Champ Camps

Check out all the weekend Camps in the Bike Parks and Off-Season all over Italy HERE!

Half Day Bike Park
Guide & Coach

Bike park ticket not included
  • 7 People - 25.- p/pers
  • 6 People - 25.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 30.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 35.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 40.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 50.- p/pers
  • 1 Person - 90.-

Full day Bike Park
Guide & Coach

Bike park ticket not included
  • 7 People - 40.- p/pers
  • 6 People - 45.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 50.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 55.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 60.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 90.- p/pers
  • 1 Person - 160.-

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