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Riding in Aosta Valley unlocks countless natural trails and is home to three amazing bike parks! Check out the four offers and pick one or a mix of what you want! Whether it’s riding bike parks, shuttle runs, single day or multi day tours around Aosta Valley.

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Shuttle days

Come on an alpine trail bonanza in our natural playground! From alpine peaks, through forests, down to the valley bed and repeat til the last call at 17:00. The shuttle will be waiting for us at the bottom, ready to take us back up again.

We’ll cover 4-8 trails riding up to 6’000m of elevation drop, depending on the length of our trail combinations and transfer time. We’ll cover areas as efficiently as possible to maximise our bike time. I also collaborate with Aosta Valley Freeride.

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Single Day Alpine Tour

This classic tour will take us up to the alps in the morning and back into the city in the afternoon. We’ll get dropped off at the highest possible point to start climbing up to the top of our trail and ride a combination of the best single tracks available.

Stopping for lunch in a mountain hut for some typical local food and continuing our ride all the way back to Aosta. Making the most of our elevation and stretching out our bike time, we’ll arrive in Aosta for the aperitivo to celebrate our adventure!

Multi-Day Alpine Tour

Get higher, further and wilder on the multi day tour, staying overnight in mountain huts makes for a great getaway.

Apart from our start shuttle transfer, we’ll stay clear of tarmac, deep out in the mountains for three days, just traveling on bikes from one hut to the other. Dive into an epic alpine adventure over peaks and ridges on spectacular trails!

Bike park local

Get the most bang for your buck and let me guide you in and around the bike park. Riding with me will make you get into the flow of things easier, finding the right speed for every section and I’ll pull you over jumps to clear all the gaps.

We’ll stop and check out technical bits of the track so I can explain and demonstrate different ways of tackling them. So let’s mix up riding with some coaching and make the most out of our day!

Single day
alpine tour

One Shuttle Uplift
  • 7 People - 55.- p/pers
  • 6 People - 60.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 70.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 80.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 90.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 140.- p/pers

Single day
alpine tour

Two Shuttle Uplifts
  • 7 People - 60.- p/pers
  • 6 People - 70.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 80.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 90.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 110.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 160.- p/pers

Multi day
alpine tour

One Shuttle Uplift
  • 7 People - 120.- p/pers
  • 6 People - 130.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 140.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 160.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 200.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 300.-

Bike Park

Full Day
  • 6+ People - 45.- p/pers
  • 5 People - 50.- p/pers
  • 4 People - 55.- p/pers
  • 3 People - 60.- p/pers
  • 2 People - 90.- p/pers
  • 1 Person - 160.-

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