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If you’re up for an epic Italian bike adventure, then check out these tours that will take you into untamed territories filled with mystical charm and breathtaking sceneries!


I’ve been putting together bike tours in Sardinia and Sicily in the last two years. Discovering its geological and cultural treasures and getting to know the locals and their culture.

A mix of getting pampered at the beach, visiting towns and cities, combined with a wild adventure makes for an unforgettable holiday! I’ll suggest the best side activities so you get the most out of your holiday. I’ll also sort out logistics so you can hang back and enjoy the adventure.


Write me an email with the experience you’re looking for and I’ll arrange it. Like a concierge, my strength is flexibility and transparency. Helping you with bookings, all you have to do is pay the provider directly.

This includes flights, airport transfers, hotels and restaurants. I will assist you with all the info needed for the transactions to run smoothly. All important aspects of your holiday will be covered. From putting together the easy connections, booking your airport transfers, to accommodations and restaurants on the island.

E-Bike Options

Assisted pedalling bikes take the edge off a big mission and make us go further in less time, giving us more time and energy for other activities like visiting local attractions.

Travel Light

If you want to rent a bike, I’ll sort out the best options for you and bring them directly to our hotel. Packing a bike is always a hassle, but carrying an e-Bike on board isn’t even allowed. So you’re forced to ship it, which is inconvenient. I’ll give you a range of options with descriptions and photos of the bikes. You will need to wire a deposit directly to the rental shop three weeks in advance and sum up the rest once you get the bike at our hotel on the island.

Field Work

I’ve worked in Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily since 2017 planning tours and making the right contacts. I took my time testing itineraries, setting up the right gear and gathering info. I’ve also worked with the locals producing articles and videos to promote these areas, trail building, coaching and guiding. I know the right people and the local culture, this guarantees an all round service.


I’ll take care of you covering different roles, as your tour guide, your translator and your concierge fixing any needs you have. Knowing the area well isn’t enough to be safe, so carrying all the necessary gear and setting check points and pick up spots with the shuttle is key. On tour we’ll know the location of fountains, equipped areas and villages in our proximities.


is the base of any holiday adventure. I’ll make sure everything is done to guarantee it including health and risk insurance. You can get your insurance HERE


I ask all members of the tours to fill out and sign a form before we start. It includes emergency contacts, maps, rules and conduct among other important infos.

Emergency gear

I carry with me all the necessary gear for repairs, safety and emergencies. GPS Tracking, walkie-talkies and Emergency Satellite Devices are always available.

Support Unit

The support unit is made up of a very capable LR Defender 9-seater towing a bike trailer or a fully kitted overland trailer depending on the tour. It has all the necessary while the group is off grid, this way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the adventure to the fullest! that tows an openThe driver is a local and permanently follows our position with GPS Tracking, staying in touch with the group.

He informs us once he reaches our day’s destination or pick up spot, and if something is up, he’ll quickly approach our position providing needed tools, spare parts, food or even bring a member of the tour to the hotel in case he isn’t feeling well.

Booking Agreement

I ask all members of the tour to fill out and sign an agreement at the time of booking along with the deposit of 50% of the full price of the offer. It includes Terms and Conditions along with other important infos.

Your spot is secured for the confirmed (date and period) once you send me the signed agreement and the 50% deposit of the full price is secured. Please check your confirmation email carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information immediately.

You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking and agree to provide full, complete and accurate information to me.

Lifetime Deposit

After putting down a 50% deposit, you can cancel at any point during the first 21 days after booking and get a 100% refund. This gives you 3 weeks to sort out flights and logistics.

In case you cancel 40 days prior to our appointment, you’ll secure a lifetime deposit to be used for any other offer on my website as long as I operate as a professional guide or coach.

Deposits are non-refundable if I stop or change activity in the future.


Discover these exotic islands on an action packed riding holiday with a twist of thrilling adventure, discovering untamed places filled with ancient mystery and geological wonders!

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